Perception is a mixed media project exploring the impact colorblindness has on the lives of five people. 

Each participant is unique, having an involvement with, or a reliance on colour in their careers or creative passions.   

This project aimed to collect experiences and insights from people living with colour blindness so that the audience could gain an understanding and a perspective into the world of those living with colour deficient vision, and how it affects their perception of the world. 

Perception aims to prove that video could work in collaboration with print to explore the given theme, helping the audience to understand the topic using two visual narratives that support one another.

The documentary film provides a perspective that many people with "normal vision" would not be aware of, from simple things like wearing clothes you believe to be a different colour, to more extreme cases of job listings in which individuals with colorblindness are asked not to apply. 

Video Documentary

Accompanying the film is a print publication consisting of photography and design, based on the experiences and anecdotes gathered from our participants.  

We live in a world full of colour, something many of us take for granted.  

The Perception documentary film and publication seek to both explore and build an understanding of the alternate world within which each of our participants live.